What Does Cardamom Smell Like?

Yashasvi SaxenaSep 5 . 7 min read

Hey fellas!

It’s been so long and I missed you guys a lot. I’m sure you’ve too. 

Today, our meeting has a new motto. The motto is to quench your cardamom thirst! The primary question and the question of the hour is ‘What does Cardamom smell like?’

Now, I’m sure my readers today are a bit new to cardamom and their recipe cards are not. So, you guys are here to make your new acquaintance more familiar. Isn’t it? I’m some kind of a sorcerer myself, reading your minds every time! 

Okay so enough bragging about myself, let us get to the point. As usual, first I’ll bombard you with some scientific facts for a while (not for long, trust me). Then, there are going to be some quick suggestions of products and herbs that will let you get a fair idea of how does our Queen of Spices smells. So, without much ado, let’s get started!  

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About Cardamom

Generating from the Zingiberaceae family, cardamom shares its roots with ginger as well as turmeric. Based on the difference in their genera, cardamom is found in two varieties- one with green pods and the other in black pods. The green ones are soft whereas the black ones are hard and rigid. The cultivation of cardamom takes place extensively in Malaysia, Guatemala, and Tanzania. 

Young Living Cardamom

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What Does Cardamom Smell Like?

Okay, now let us describe what does our ‘Queen Of Spices’- Cardamom smells like.

On a personal level, I found it really absurd when someone asked me about the fragrance or taste of anything in particular. Like, how can I describe anything in terms of anything? Everything carries a separate essence and taste to it. How am I supposed to give a group of words the capability to describe something that’s one of a kind, a wonder in itself!

But later, I realized, I cannot keep all these wonders to myself- it’s unjust. I feel responsible and, more than anything, want to share the things that make me spellbound, with my lovely readers. 

So, now you know the thoughts of your beloved writer, let us move towards the real description of cardamom smell(enough about this self-ranting writer, phew).

Cardamom has a peculiarly sweet and minty fragrance, with hints of woody-ness to it. Its fragrance carries a sense of warmth with it. With a fruit-n-nutty essence, this spice is one of a kind!

Herbs Having Cardamom-Like Fragrance

Mmm, still having doubts on “What does Cardamom Smell Like”? Maybe I can help you out even further.

Now, I’m going to tell you the names of some herbs and plants that smell or have scents similar to cardamom to some extent. Reaching out for these herbs might help you understand “what does cardamom smell like” more effectively and efficiently. Not exactly, but these herbs can mimic cardamom to some extent. So, let us hop onto the list!


Fennel has a minty-sweet smell. It has a tangy aroma that tinkles some strange taste buds and flavor-sensing senses. This property of the fennel makes it similar to cardamom in some ways.

The undertones of both fennel and cardamom are similar to a certain extent, so, if you have fennel in your spice drawers, you can get a fair idea of how cardamom smells.

Star Anise

Star Anise- one of the main components of Indian cuisines, this spice can also be taken as a reference for knowing “what does cardamom smell like”.

Star Anise has a woody essence, similar to that of cardamom. And like cardamom, both of these spices resemble licorice. Having a warm and pungent aroma, star anise resembles cardamom in many ways. Inculcating in itself a spicy-sweet aroma, star anise is one of the best approximations of the aroma of cardamom. 

Fun Fact: Not exactly a fun fact, but if you’re affected with Covid-19, then you can neither smell cardamom nor star anise.


Lemme first give a similarity between eucalyptus and cardamom to clarify why we use this specific plant to answer our big question, which is “what does cardamom smell like”. Both cardamom and eucalyptus are used to treat chest congestion and sinus due to their camphor-like sharp and minty pungency. Eucalyptus, like cardamom, has an earthy aroma that is sweet and sharp at the same time. Just as cardamom makes your mind fresh post-consumption, eucalyptus keeps your home and bathroom fresh with its fresh and lovely aroma, which basically is a consequence of activated eucalyptus essential oils.

Products and Perfumes That Will Remind You Of Cardamom

Enough of imaginary estimates, let me name some real-life products that are inspired by the exquisite aroma of cardamom, some mind-boggling fragrances that’ll blow your mind!

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L’Homme

This fragrance is one of the best picks for you if you’re looking for something bold and spicy. With a dash of red pepper, this is one of the best cardamom perfumes out there.

Buy it here.

Forest Essentials Body Mist Rose & Cardamom

This rose-infused body mist by Forest Essentials is a refreshing way to start your day.

Buy it here.

Hermès Voyage d'Hermes Parfum

This fragrance should be your top choice if you’re looking for something fruity.

Buy it here.

Chanel Pour Monsieur

This fragrance has top notes of cardamom with the base notes of lavender.

Buy it here.

Armani Stronger With You

If you need something sweet and vanilla, then this is the best for you.

Buy it here.

I hope you guys now know how to identify your favorite spice among the mass in the spice market. Until next time fellas, toodles!

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