What Are The Most Dangerous Sedatives?

Yashasvi SaxenaSep 10 . 5 min read

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In one of our previous encounters, we talked about Sedatives and Tranquilizers (read here). We discussed sedatives and their work also hinted towards their side effects. Today, I’m gonna elaborate on the downsides of sedatives and inform about how it can be harmful to you. Yes, you guessed it right, today’s tone is gonna be a bit serious, but don’t worry, it won’t take long. Let us begin!

What are Sedatives?

Let us brush up on our concepts first! A drug that slows down brain activity by attacking the central nervous system and increasing GABA activity, is known as a sedative. Sedatives have a sleeping effect attached to their properties and are used as anaesthesia or as a sleeping pill.

Composition Of Sedatives

Sedatives were originally made of chloride or bromide salts. Over time, the drug has expanded its legs to a wider chemical range.

Reasons To Be Cautious While Taking Sedatives

Those who have been with me since day one already knows some of the reasons. For the new arrivals, here’s a quick recap and detailed explanation of why you should take any sedative in regulation, or why is it advised to not take a sedative unless strongly needed. Without further fluff, let us get to the point!

Mental Disorientation

People with sedative dependence are often seen to have blurred or confused thoughts. These thoughts are also accompanied by dizziness and slurred speech. They are not able to think properly or convey what they are thinking. Most of the time even they can’t figure out what they’re thinking or doing. They are always uncomfortable with themselves and don’t know what is causing that discomfort or how to relieve themselves.

Suicidal Behaviour

All these confusions and delusional thoughts are often seen to result in suicidal actions. As a consequence of enhanced confusion and anxiety for a prolonged period of time without a way out, sedative-dependent people are often prone to the risk of suicide. For them, there’s no way out as they’re incapable of thinking or seeking help. They’re afraid that the ones they seek for help might not be able to understand or make fun of anything. This increases their prospectus for suicide.


Depression is not only one of the major concerns but also a definite side effect of sedative dependence. As the drug works by attacking our CNS, it takes away our ability to think clearly if consumed for a longer span. It’s like you’re a passive component or a back seat viewer of your life. The steering wheel is just going wherever it wants, with no control at all. You know that there’s an accident that’s gonna happen right in front of you, and that is fatal to you, but you don’t do anything to prevent it. You’re just too tired to think or act.

Trouble Focusing

Sedation takes away your ability to concentrate. Anything that you could do in 30 minutes, now takes more than an hour to complete, that to with a staggering quality. Things as easy as reading can seem to be cumbersome. With every line you read, a new thought unwinds that makes it extremely difficult to understand what is written or what it means. In some cases, even the easiest words are difficult for the reader to read and understand.


This is a consequence of prolonged sedative use. Losing memories of things you did, or people you met, or any other instance. Sometimes it can also result in loss of thought, as in what you were thinking some moments ago. 

These are some of the most distressing side effects of sedatives. Other symptoms include hallucinations, weight gain, dialect pupils, impaired vision, excessive sweating, muscle shaking, and tissue damage.

Most Dangerous Sedatives (Commonly Abused Drugs)

Here’s a list of the sedatives that are available on prescription and are most commonly abused.

  • Ambien 
  • Amytal 
  • Ativan 
  • Fiorinal/Fioricet 
  • Halcion 
  • Klonopin
  • Librium
  • Luminal 
  • Lunesta 
  • Nembutal 
  • Rohypnol 
  • Seconal 
  • Sonata
  • Valium 
  • Xanax 

The drugs mentioned here can be classified into three categories: benzodiazepines, z-pills, and barbiturates. Let me detail them a bit for you.


Known by the street names of candy, tranx, and sleeping pills, these drugs are famous among teenagers and adults and are snorted after being crushed for a quick trance. Originally, these drugs are prescribed to treat anxiety and sleep disorders.


Commonly known as Zombie Pills, A-minus, and forget-me-pill, these are prescribed to treat insomnia and sleep disorders.


The most powerful drugs that you can find on a prescription, are used to relieve extreme pain. They calm the consumer and make them sleepy, kind of an intoxicating vibe. These are super addicting and are swallowed whole or injected by dissolving in liquid. These run by the names of ‘Yellow Jacket’ and ‘Christmas Tree’ on the streets.

I hope I’ve made the description understandable and apt explanatory for you. See you guys soon!

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