Top 10 Health Benefits Of Greengage

Yashasvi SaxenaSep 13 . 7 min read

Hey fellas!

Today, let us talk of greengage health benefits! I know what you’re thinking. Greengage, out of the blue, how? It’s just that I’m at my grandma’s house, the place which adorns four plum trees, all of ‘em giving plums of different varieties. The one that I love the most is Greengage Plum. So here I am, convincing you all to try the same!

Well, I’m sure of one thing- once you get to know greengage benefits, you’ll yourself be drawn towards this fruity prodigy!

So, why wait? Let us begin!

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Greengage Facts And Origin

Greengage, one of the twenty varieties of plums, goes by the scientific name of Prunus domestica. The most finessed flavor makes our Greengage Plum one of the best choices for your puddings. Some might use the word “Gage” as synonymous with “Greengage”, but not all gages are green, gages and greengages are different. Greengages are generally oval with a yellowish-green color often paired with a pink blush.

Europe is one of the main cultivators of Greengage. 

In terms of Nutritional Facts, greengages are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. They provide a total of 10% of the RDI of Vitamin C, 5% of RDI each of Vitamin A & K, and 3% of RDI of Potassium. So, consuming one plum a day can replace your daily dose of multivitamins I guess!

Fruits And Benefits

Fruits and Benefits- To me, they kinda seem synonymous, don’t you think so? From fibers to vitamins, from healthy sugars to minerals, fruits are a complete package of boons for us. The benefits of fruits are uncountable, but I’ll try to list some. So here comes our list of benefits of fruits!

  • An explosive packet of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Provides the required dietary fiber intake.
  • Low in calories and fats, so you needn’t worry about your diet.
  • Quickly consumable, can also be considered as ‘On-The-Go Food’.
  • And finally, the oozing flavor (ahh, my mouth is watering already, the health benefits of fruits aren’t the only reason to have them).

So these were some of the health benefits of fruits. Next in line are plum fruit benefits. So, tighten your seatbelts for plums benefits!

Plum Fruit Benefits

Plums benefits use in a lot of ways. Lemme make it easy and readable for you in the form of a list!

  • They are rich in antioxidants which make them a great tool against tissue damage and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • They can also be consumed to prevent cancer and Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Plums reduce blood sugar levels.
  • They help reduce and restore bone loss.
  • Your poop isn’t smooth? Have some plums for constipation relief.
  • Those with high blood pressure can also have plums to lower their BP.

Uses Of Greengage


Okay, so the listicle that’s about to come is more of a DIY list for you for a couple of upcoming weekends. I suggest you guys stock your refrigerators with an ample amount of Greengages as you’re going to need a lot of ‘em. Without talking much, let us begin (I’m so excited)!

  • Greengage Wine is one of the best ways to savor your plums for a long time.
  • Greengage Jam is one of the easiest ways and recipes to make and include in your diet chart.
  • Indian Greengage Chutney, one of the best dips you can ever have. Just grind some plums and ginger along with some water and add some salt and sugar/honey as per taste. You can also add some spice using black pepper. Thank me later!
  • Greengage Salad
  • Lastly, don’t forget to chunk onto one while on this gage venture!

Greengage Health Benefits

The Greengage benefits range from its exquisite flavor to its excellent anti-fungal properties. From hormones to blood sugar, to bone health, to the immune system- Greengage hasn’t left any domain of the human body untouched with its magical feathers. I won’t be keeping you any longer from the miraculous wonders of Greengage. That means, let us start with the listicle that we actually came here for!

  • Number One - It helps to restore bone health. Greengage has a considerable amount of Calcium is that is extremely useful in maintaining bone health.
  • Number Two - Greengage can also make your fatigued self go away. It is loaded with Vitamin C that is an immediate energy booster.
  • Number Three - It can relieve you from Menopausal hormone disorders. It helps in releasing natural endorphins, also known as feel-good hormones. It can also help you combat hot flushes.
  • Number Four - Greengage is also helpful in reducing blood sugar and blood pressure levels. 
  • Number Five - It contains Probiotics that help you fight against any pathogens that might cause cancer.
  • Number Six - Due to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties, greengage is considered one of the best fruits to strengthen your immune system.
  • Number Seven - The Magnesium in greengage acts as an anti-acid and helps relieve heartburns.
  • Number Eight - As it is a complete bundle of vitamins and minerals, you might think of replacing your multivitamins with two plums a day!
  • Number Nine - You can also avoid constipation due to iron supplements by using greengage instead, as it is rich in iron.
  • Number Ten - Being a rich source of Calcium, it also improves Dental Health.

Greengage Side Effects

Greengage doesn’t have any specific side effects attached to them. It is however advised to always wash and peel them properly before consuming. Also, make sure that you’re not allergic to plums. Do not consume too much greengage as plums contain laxatives that are natural gut cleansers. So excess consumption can cause diarrhoea and gas.

Not only a healthy and flavorful bite, but Greengage is also a sweet and mellow bundle of joy, giving your taste buds an experience of a lifetime. On this note, I remember the claim I made at the start, that is, you’ll be having plenty of reasons to love Greengage, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve succeeded in the task. 

So, lovely people, see you again in some time. Until then, you have a DIY checklist to complete. Toodles!

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