Tips And Tricks How To Prune Basil

Archi DubeyAug 26 . 7 min read

Let's know something very interesting and important about your daily life or from your daily need. Plants and gardens are your daily need to calm or refresh your mood and also for using it for kitchen recipes. So, let's get to know more about this. In this article, we will tell you exactly about how to prune basil, so that it can grow more and more over again.

Basil plant is the plant which is found in every house and grows somewhere in the home, but the problem is that it doesn't grow fast enough as you want, but we are having and also many social platforms are having many solutions for it. Many of you are also having a problem of pruning basil or how to trim basil so that it can give you better and effective results of using it over and over again without any damage problems, and get the healthiest and tallest crop. It is an important part of your garden of the herb.

The right way of how to prune basil

  • Before starting it, you should look for its large leaves and look for the set of 2-3 large leaves of basil
  • Then, try to leave at least 1/2 inch of stem, and after that cut the middle part of the stem, and directly cut the middle part above the set of small leaves of basil
  • Using this process continues until you get the wanting or desired size of basil
  • Do not cut the closet leaves of the plant, it needs a steady base for growing tall and faster.

And, try to take all the instructions and take video help related to this so, that you can prune it without any damages. Because cutting any of the plants without any basic knowledge can ruin your gardening.

We are having this topic of how to prune basil, and also we are trying to give you sufficient and relevant information about it so that you can learn more about healthy tips of how to cut basil for your better daily need. Because it is useful in many ways like in medicinal purposes and also in the kitchen for cooking purposes, for garnishing, topping of salads, pizza, pasta, and many more. It is used as a tea supplement or any type of drink so that it can detoxify your body and gives you a positive feel and energy to focus on your work and to give your best.

Good reasons

There are best reasons why you want to keep your basil plants pruned throughout the summer

  • One is for the overall health of your plant
  • Two is to keep the basil plants really productive and keeps the leaves large
  • The third is to keep the flavor at its peak.

If you don't prune your basil plants, they tend to want to grow really tall, and they get spindly and the leaves that are produced are a lot of summers. And then they start to bloom and once they start to bloom the flavor changes. It actually takes on a kind of bitter, more mild flavor which is not what we want. For better flavor keep pruning it, and pruning is really easy. And when your pot has every single stem with basil leaves, then it will look like one big massive plant, lots of little plants coming out, each basil plant has a stem, and identifying it is a very easy process. So, on that, we'll have a couple of leaf sets and as if you are going at the bottom of the plant you can see the little tiny leaf that does not look like the rest of them and that's actually not a true leaf. That's just the first leaf that emerges when the seeds come up, and so that set does not count.

Usually, you want to know how to prune basil, then its have at least six inches tall height or has two to three sets of true leaf, and so those are a little leaf which is in the bottom of the plants. Pruning them is super simple. And try not to take all from one side, try to take from all over the plant, it helps to keep the plant growing a lot more. And the technique of how to prune basil can help you to know more about plants and also the taking care tips of your plant, and keep checking it every one to two weeks. These techniques are pretty easy so try to connect with plants and learn more about them.

How to cut basil?

With basil leaves arranging from biggest and moving to the smallest is go ahead and stack them or nest them inside each other. So that the largest leaf on the outside is covering all the smaller ones on the inside, having the basil leaves stack together starting with the biggest and moving down to the smallest. Try to roll it up into a little cigar, the trick to making this and using the knife in one motion, basically moving in one motion don't damage them, and you cut off a tiny sliver each time you make a new pass, and it will look like very thin shards of grass. And then use it for garnish by picking it up to flavor your dishes.

You should know when to prune basil for the first time, pruning it when it starts having left on stem corners, it will grow bushier, when all the stems have the tiny leaves then, that's the time to prune basil. When anywhere of stems having 2-3 sets of leaves in it, then it is ready to trim for the first time. You can wait for trimming until it grows 6 inches tall. Try to cut the middle of the stem from above the inch of the little branch when you cut it off for the first time.

The technique of how to prune basil is super simple-

  • Just take clippers, or you can use scissors
  • And take it down past the fourth set of true leaves, right above the fifth set of plant
  • When you keep pruning it, then it will turn a bunch more
  • Make an angle cut about the quarter, half-inch above the leaves
  • And then you can see another set of leaves coming out, which can help to grow again and help to turn into really nice big branches
  • And those basil leaves are totally usable, take it and make something awesome.
  • Every one to two weeks, you can use all the basil, or you can dry it, or make pesto or freeze it
  • Just make sure to keep your eye on your plants every 1-2 weeks to do a pruning
  • And soon your plant will be huge and gorgeous
  • And also, if your basil starts blooming then also you can prune it off, or weekly or by weekly you can go it on and harvest off of them anytime, so go ahead for a better growing method, and learn more about how to prune basil.

"Prune basil so that it can grow forever."

This video link help you to know how to prune basil-

Note- Use your thumb and forefinger to take off the leaves from the plant. Cut the set of leaves for better growth of basil, also for taller growth.


Precaution- Once you decided, and you have an idea of how to trim the basil, then you can move forward to cut the basil, by cutting its main stem about the inches of the leaf buds, another way of trimming can damage your plants, so take advice and tips before going for it, you have to know the basics of how to cut basil properly. Pruning basil can help to grow taller your plant.

So, what are your basics tips about how to prune basil?

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