Tips To Get Healthy Body By Staying At Home

Archi DubeyJun 16 . 4 min read

You can't change things happening around but you can surely change things going in your mind.

5 Yoga asanas for great immune power-

  • Anulom vilom pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Trikon asana
  • Bhujangasana
  • Matsyasana

Talking about the pandemic and not talking about mental health is not done as due is the rise of cases and people getting affected severely has affected people so miserably.

People lose their job, their livelihood, their family members everything they beard but was not able to help them.

This pandemic has severely affected people's health either mentally or physically.

And also, when gyms are closed and of course when surroundings are not so normal and yes not safe going out is not the option but having your personal space, at your place in rays of fresh sunlight and in the pure environment is what we need to balance our life and also being 'true to oneself.'

Yoga is not just a body poses it's a journey of knowing ourselves, understanding what our body is, how it reacts and how it can calm, and also for 'mind freshness'.

Here are some main points of Yoga asanas that help to boost up your immune system -

1-Why Yoga?:- When people are running to increase their 'immune power' by eating so many products and having kadha's, all-around yoga can help your body not just by this but by increasing your concentration power, memory, balance, and flexibility to your body.

2-Benefits in daily life:- It helps in overcoming mental illness which is increasing highly during pandemics.

3-Yoga and COVID:- The experts suggest that since COVID-19 affects the lungs directly, it is imperative to strengthen the lungs, yoga helps people to win their battle against the disease.

4-Yoga and lifestyle:- According to Patanjali, it simply means that position that is comfortable and steady. To sit in a comfortable position for everlasting.

5-Positive attitude:- Your attitude towards yourself shows the seriousness of your mental health. Being optimistic and being practical about situations, interactions, and yourself can make your work best.

6-Soul fullness:- Yoga asanas give purity to your mind, soul, and body. As the dictionary says that 'being soulful is having expressing, intellectual, and many more good qualities in ourselves.'

When Experts recommended "maintaining social distance, wearing masks, washing hands frequently then it also comes to exercise yoga an overall package that includes yoga asanas, breathing exercise, meditation, cardio which are most required during these tough times.

A beautiful line said by an expert that " Yoga adds years to your life and life to your years ." So that you can 'Inhale future and exhale past'.

And also we can proudly say " I bend so I don't break."

"The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body". - Jason Crandell.

The battle of COVID is still on and everyone is trying their best to stay away from this disease. So taking care of your body is equally important to taking care of your mental health so that you can give your best in the work in which you are best.

Yoga Asanas are the kickstarting of your day with a healthy routine is the most important thing to do for a better lifestyle.

You have to train your mind to look at the better side of situations. Everything has its two sides but you should have to change your perception of looking at them. Yoga asanas always help to keep healthy either mentally or physically. So, keep training your mind to see the best in everything.

CONCLUSION- Yoga is just a practical way of life, it is an indicator of mind and body flexibility in responding to stress.

The best way to understand Yoga is to: True to oneself.

So, Ready to hit the mat?

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