Natural Ways To Keep Immunity Strong

Geetika AnandJun 22 . 5 min read

Keeping your immunity strong is very crucial, especially during this time of the pandemic. Using medicinal herbs to boost your immunity is the best idea one can think about. Providing your body only with certain foods will not work, you also need to feed your body with natural medicinal herbs to keep those bacterial infections, cold and cough away. You also need to take a properly balanced diet to keep your immune system strong.

10 Medicinal Herbs Essential to Boost Your Immunity

There are various ways to boost your immunity like exercise daily, taking a proper diet with adequate nutrients. While thinking of strong immunity, we need to keep in mind that our body fights off infections only if the 7 layers of tissues in our body are strong enough. If you add these medicinal herbs to your day's diet, then your immunity can be supplemented more. Let's get to know about these ten medicinal herbs: 

  • Ashwagandha

We all are aware that stress reduces the body's immune system to fight off diseases. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen which means that it balances the stress in the human body. This herb helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol that is very important for our body. It also helps to improve sleep and memory. 

  • Haldi (turmeric)

Haldi is being used as a spice, but many of us do not know that it even acts as a medicinal herb. When someone gets injured, then we apply Haldi (turmeric) because of its healing properties. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Haldi has curcumin, which removes toxins from the body and strengthens the immune system. Haldi also helps to improve heart health and increases brain functioning. You can consume Haldi in preparing foods or can also drink Haldi added to hot milk. 

  • Giloy

 Pure blood is very important to keep our immune system strong and giloy has the property of blood purification. Giloy is also useful for diabetic patients as it helps to control blood sugar levels. People drink Giloy juice in the morning, adding it to half a glass of water. You can have this empty stomach. 

  • Amla

Amla is believed to be a great source of vitamin C which is recommended especially in this COVID-19 time. People usually drink amla juice or even eat amla achar with their meal of the day. 

  • Tulsi

Tulsi also referred to as Basil leaves is also used in cooking and is also a very useful medicinal herb. It helps to improve immunity and prevents germs and infections from entering our bodies. You can directly chew tulsi leaves in the morning and if you find it hard you can drink it with water or even add tulsi leaves to your tea or make a Kadha.  

  • Neem

Neem is being used from ancient times. People use it to treat acne and also use it to make face wash and soaps because of its anti-inflammatory properties. But neem also helps to boost immunity as it keeps viral infections away. Neem is believed to have anti-fungal properties as well. Neem also purifies the blood which is very important to keep immunity strong. 

  • Ginger (adrak)

Our grandmothers have been giving us ginger to keep us away from cold and cough. Ginger contains gingerol that helps to keep our immune system strong. You can add ginger to the food you cook, add it to your tea or make a kadha at home. It is believed that drinking kadha twice daily helps to keep the immune system strong. Eating raw ginger is also very good for your health. 

  • Triphala

Triphala contains three medicinal fruits namely, Amla, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki. Triphala is a great source of vitamin C and vitamin A, which helps make the immune system strong. Triphala is used to prevent constipation, period cramps, and gut problems in control. 

  • Moringa

Moringa is very much in use especially during this pandemic as it has a lot of vitamin C, even more than that of oranges. Vitamin C helps to boost our immune system and fight off infections. It also helps to strengthen your muscles, tissues, and cells. Moringa also has a great amount of potassium, zinc, and calcium in it.

  • Boswellia

Boswellia has a slightly spicy aroma. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce pain. It is usually helpful for people having arthritis pain. Not only that but it is also said that Boswellia helps in digestion as well as breathing and keeps immunity strong.  

Who Should Avoid

Consuming medicinal herbs does not have any side effects, but do keep in mind that you need to take an adequate amount of it. Consuming anything in excess can be harmful. Medicinal herbs have a lot of benefits for the human body consuming them in the morning is very beneficial. 


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