Miracles Of Cardamom

Smita UpadhyayJun 24 . 4 min read

We all have often heard about the prescriptions of our ancestors that people used to make medicines at home.

It is also used in Ayurvedic medicines.

And would be fine without going to the doctors. And today we will talk about such a magical thing, which has many benefits and has a lovely fragrance.

Cardamom is a spice that is used a lot from ancient times by the people. 

It is one of those spices which is not only used in your kitchen, but it has many other benefits. Cardamom is of two types, Badi Elaichi and Chhoti Elaichi. Cardamom belongs to the ginger family.

It is also known as the Queen of spices. It has various elements in it like Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Copper, Iron and

Vitamin C. 

So in this article, I'm here to tell you everything small and big details about Cardamom. Read the full article to know every detail about Cardamom. And after reading the full article I'm sure you all will include this spice in your daily life. 

 Some important benefits of Cardamom 

 Getting rid of bad breath

The amazing fragrance of cardamom will help you to get rid of bad breath. Just take 1-2 cardamom in your mouth and chew it. It is used as a mouth freshener. It kills the bacteria present in your mouth.

Blood circulation

It helps in blood circulation in your body.

Which also helps you to get rid of Asthma and cough. 

Keeps your heart healthy 

It helps you to keep your heart healthy and problem-free. It boosts your heart and prevents you from a heart attack. 

Lower blood sugar level

It is useful for blood sugar levels. Cardamom decreases high blood sugar levels. 

Helpful for liver 

It decreases cholesterol in your body. And it helps prevent liver disease and also enlargement of the liver.

Helps in Digestion 

It speeds up your digestion process. If anyone is suffering from indigestion issues, must eat cardamom, and you will see good results. It also helps you to get relief from vomiting and constipation.

Anti-bacterial property and antifungal property

The essential oil which is present in cardamom is very useful to kill bacteria and fungi causing infection and keeps you healthy.  

Anti-inflammatory property

It prevents inflammation in your body. It protects your body from cell damage and repairs the damaged cells. 

Helpful against Anxiety 

If you are suffering from mood swings or anxious behavior then cardamom is very beneficial for you. 

Boost your Immune system 

Its various property will help to boost up your immune system. And help your body to fight against Anaemia.

Mixing with medicines

As we all are aware that Cardamom has many benefits and because of that it is mixed in various medicines.

How, when, and what will be the frequency let's discuss

You can consume it directly. There is a various way to eat cardamom. You can add cardamom to tea or just mix with hot water and drink it. You can add it to any of the vegetables you like. Cardamom is used as a flavoring agent. 

There is no particular time for consuming Cardamom. There are no restrictions, you can consume it any time, anywhere.

Talking about its frequency, you can eat 6-8 per day or more than that but avoid overconsumption.

People who should avoid 

Till now, there are no restrictions on eating Cardamom. Anybody can consume it but within a limit. 

Prevent Hair loss 

Nowadays, almost everyone is suffering from hair fall. So let me tell you that cardamom is very beneficial in hair fall.

Just take 1-2 cardamom at night with hot water, and it will help to prevent hair loss and makes your hair strong and long.

Helps in weight loss 

Eating Cardamom in the morning and drink hot water will help you to reduce your weight.

Helps to improve your eyesight and skin-related issues

If you are also one of those who has bad eyesight then you should start eating cardamom. 

If you go to buy cardamom, you must take care of these things.

Never buy Cardamom in powdered form. Avoid buying open seeds.

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