Magical Benefits Of Black Pepper

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We all have heard from our Nani or Dadi that eating black pepper is very good for our health. Also, black pepper is being used from those ancient times so of course, it might be very healthy. Black pepper is the most widely used spices in India, which comes from grinding peppercorns. Black Pepper is correctly named the "king of spices", but it does not mean that you can only use it in the kitchen. Instead, black pepper is a very useful ingredient in ayurvedic medicines and helps to cure various health problems.

10 Benefits of Black Pepper

As said, black pepper is used in ayurvedic medicines in curing various health issues. Now, as you know that eating black pepper is healthy, you must also know that eating black pepper in high quantities can have side effects on the gastrointestinal tract. Now let's get to unfold the box of benefits of black pepper.

  • High in antioxidants

Our body itself creates free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can damage our cells, both naturally and in response to various environmental pressures. Excessive free radicals can cause a lot of damage, causing various health issues like heart problems, cancer, and many other issues.

Taking a high-oxidant diet will help in reducing the damage caused due to these free radicals in our body. Black pepper has the potent oxidant piperine which helps to reduce the damage.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Various health problems like cancer, heart problem, arthritis can be caused due to inflammation. The main compound in black pepper piperine also has anti-inflammatory properties which help to get rid of various health problems.

  • Helpful in detoxification of the body

Black pepper is said to detoxify your body as due to consumption of this spice, your body tends to urinate and sweat a lot which is a sign of flushing out the toxins from your body. Various health issues are caused due to toxins in your body, but consuming black pepper aids you with such health issues.

  • Enhances brain functioning

A study was conducted on rats to see the effect of black pepper on, those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and it was found that the compound piperine enhances memory as compared to those rats who were not given to consume black pepper.

  • Fights cancer

In the old times, people used to drink 'Haldi wala dudh' (hot milk by adding turmeric to it). But now it is seen that adding black pepper to this milk is more healthy as it helps cure cancer. Black pepper has carotenoids which help to fight deadly diseases like cancer.

  • Controls blood sugar level

It has been found that piperine also helps in keeping blood sugar levels controlled. So, it is very healthy to eat black pepper to keep blood sugar problems at bay.

  • Help lose weight

As black pepper removes toxins from the body and helps in sweating and urinating more, it also helps to reduce hunger. All these are ways by which weight gets reduced.

  • Improved gut health

Black pepper increases the good bacteria in our body and keeps our gastrointestinal health maintained, in turn reducing health problems.

  • Lowers bad cholesterol

High cholesterol comes with heart problems, which is one of the main reasons for death in the world. Consuming black pepper helps to lower the bad cholesterol and improves the good cholesterol in our body.

  • Helps absorb nutrients

It has been found in various studies that black pepper improves nutrient absorption in our body like calcium, selenium, and other nutrients.

When And How To Consume

 There are various ways on how to consume black pepper. Like you can use it as an Indian spice while cooking foods, or you can add turmeric and black pepper to your hot milk and drink it during bedtime. To reduce weight, you can directly chew it or add it over salads or any fruits that you eat in a day. You can also add black pepper to your tea if you like it. You can also add black pepper to boiled eggs, toast, or add it to your dips.

Furthermore, you can consume black pepper early in the morning empty stomach. You can make black pepper and honey tea to have in the morning.

More Essential Things on Black Pepper

You should only consume 1-2 tablespoons of black pepper daily. Consuming extra black pepper can cause side effects as everything must be taken in adequate quantity.

Many a time a question is asked that who should avoid black pepper? So, the answer is that black pepper is beneficial for pregnant mothers, lactating mothers but in adequate quantity. Do not give it in high quantity. Try to give less quantity to those with some bleeding disorders.

There are various uses of black pepper in the Indian culture as we use it in cooking, ayurvedic medicines, during menstrual pain to reduce cramps. Also, black pepper is used to treat cold and cough. It also helps to fight cancer and heart diseases.                                  


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