Know The Reason Of Not Having Water After Fruits

Archi DubeyJul 22 . 5 min read

First, nobody knows about that- Is it safe to drink water after having fruits or not? And also mostly nobody cares about it.

But this is a very serious topic related to your health issues, you should know and be concerned about that. If you are going through with any of these issues, let's fix them.

Many doctors and experts suggest not to drink water within an interval of 40-50 minutes between fruits and water. If you have too much craving for water, then just have a sip or two, after 30 minutes of having fruits. And later you can have a glass of water.

Drinking water immediately after fruits can ruin your gastric juices, which can also damage your digestive system. These digestive enzymes help in breaking down the food inside your body, our body suffers much from digestive enzymes like heartburn, acidity, etc.

As everybody has a question in their mind that- How much water do they need a day?

If you are wondering about this issue, then speak with your doctor for a normal concern, but in a general way for a healthy lifestyle, people should have to drink two to three cups of water per hour, or more if you're suffering from much sweating problem. But personally, I'll suggest you sip on water constantly the whole day, even when you're not thirsty. Highly recommended by health experts, 8- ounce glasses a day.

Water is very essential for good physical as well as mental health, and it promotes various physical and mental health benefits. And yet, most of us have heard and know that having water in between, before or after a meal makes things difficult for your body. Doctors and experts suggest that everyone should have water at least 30 minutes after their meal.

Water after fruits?

You should take care of your health and digestive system. Drinking water immediately after having fruits can weaken your pH level, and also can cause various issues like stomachache, indigestion, etc.

This video link can help you to know about the best and right time to eat fruits-

Water is one of most essential and most present in our body but intake of water and its quantity should be balanced and periodically else anything in its maximum form is not a good option.

Well, from our ancient times we have heard about to not take water directly or just after eating anything as it slow-downs the process of digestion and results in the inadequate process. Well, if we talk about the best time to take water is just after walking to avoid dehydration in any case then 30 minutes before any meal so that it doesn't create any hindrance in the process mention above.

There are so many things and so many processes going inside our body, so we should take proper care of the dos and don'ts of everything.

1-Improves digestion- Fruits that are rich in water help to improve digestion. Watermelon and strawberries contain 92 percent water per volume. Eat more fiber, do exercise, drink more water, helps to improve digestion.

2-Health benefits- Taking care of your health is the first thing you have to be concerned about because your health depends on everything, like your mental health.

3-Good food, good life- Having a healthy, balanced approach to the things you eat and drink helps you to enjoy life. Healthy food gives you a healthy lifestyle.

No, to water after having fruits:-

You should avoid water for 40-50 minutes after eating fruits because it affects many things in your body. So, you should not drink water immediately after eating fruits. Some reasons may help you to show the side effects of drinking water after eating fruits-

  • It weakens the gastric acid
  • It can ruin your digestive system
  • It disturbs the pH level
  • It can cause various stomach issues like diarrhea, stomachache, and indigestion
  • It causes stomach cramps and flatus-related issues.

The best and right time to drink water throughout the day is to enjoy a glass of water firstly in the morning, it helps to detox your body, can help to remove waste things from your body. Drinking water right when you wake up makes your day easier and also to maintain healthy hydration habits. It helps to increase fluid intake throughout the day. It can help you to make fit, healthy, and relaxed.

"You have two homes: Earth and your body, take care of them."

This video link may help you to know more about this topic or health-related issues-

"Be happy, eat healthily."

CONCLUSION- Drink one glass of water 30 minutes before a meal to help digestion. And also remember not to drink water too soon before or after a meal. Drinking water after an hour, after a meal, allows your body to absorb the best nutrients.

So, What are your views about this topic?

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