How To Heal With Herbs-Natural Remedies For Good Health

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Vulnerable herbs as name include vulnerable which shows these are about to extinct which means availability is low. India has its roots in an ayurvedic culture where medicine which is herbs are the most effective form and having the least side effects. India is rich with such an ecosystem, the Kashmir area is rich in this context. But as people of this country, we are responsible for maintaining balance and avoid them to an extent.

It simply means that it is wounded for promoting the healing and treating process.

Some Vulnerary herbs- These herbs to be beneficial for treating various skin and health wounds like-

1- Aloe:- Aloe is used for various activities like hair, skin, and also for healing wounds like cuts, burns, etc. And its scientific name is Aloe vera and its botanical name is Aloe Barbadensis Miller.

2- Arnica:- The scientific name of arnica is Arnica Montana. It grows mainly in Siberia, it is most commonly used for pain caused by surgery, sore throat, etc. It can be unsafe when taken by mouth.

3- Calendula:- Calendula flowers that heal wounds and are used to make medicine and also used for treating cancer and menstrual cramps, start menstrual periods and reduce fever. Calendula Officinalis common name is Pot marigold.

4- Fenugreek:- It is good for lowering blood sugar levels, increasing milk production in breastfeeding mothers. Its scientific name is Trigonella Foenum- Graecum.

5- Comfrey:- Comfrey is a herb that is used for conditions of gastric, ulcers, sprains, etc and its scientific name is Symphytum.

Vibrant use

A vulnerary herb works for the healing of tissue, or herbs for wounds. Our body has various immune cells that help to heal wounds. Various vulnerary herbs help with the healing of burns, rashes, sprains, broken bones, etc.

It described something in the physical healing process more technically promotes granulation, so if you have a wound on the skin or if you have a stomach ulcer type wound caused ulceration erosion vulner areas can promote the healing of those wounds they can be very effective this makes comfrey almost specific for stomach ulcers because you can visit the demulcent component to stop the irritation reduces symptomatic discomfort make life less physically stressful to the patient and at the same time because of a constituent in comfrey called Allentown which is actually used in the phonic appear as a wound heal.

As long as the person isn't carrying on drinking or eating or smoking things that are actually the cause of the alteration, if they change their diet and lessen stress in the process, comfrey will very rapidly initiate the healing process of analysis.

Wound healing plant

Plants that aid in the wound healing process and also to cure wounds and injuries

  • Yarrow
  • Marigold
  • Calendula

These plants or flowers have a strong wound and healing qualities. These herbal plants are helping to draw out infection process, and it also has properties of healing internal wounds like menstrual flow, cramps, throat, fever, and many more good qualities which gives you a healthy lifestyle.

Essential oils

Some vulnerary essential oils which help to offer various health benefits like-

1- Geranium- This oil is antiseptic in use, and it is good to use in burns, dry skin, acne, skin irritations, etc., and also helps to stop eternal bleeding.

2- Frankincense- This oil improved arthritis and digestion to reduce asthma and better health. It helps in various types of cancer, helps prevent diabetes, reduces stress and depression also improves memory.

3- Helichrysum- This oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is useful for better skin and health, also for healing skin damages and wounds.

Flowers that help in inflammation

Many herbs that can help you reduce or prevent inflammation in your body are Turmeric, green tea, white willow, Frankincense, black pepper, etc and these are anti-inflammatory flowers or plants which bring the best in your body to perform and grow well.

This video link help you to know about the anti-inflammatory herbs-

Time to heal- When it comes to health, the world has realized that a good approach towards healing and preventing diseases is the way forward. Herbalism- the art of making your own herbal medicines, salves, teas, powder, pastes, etc. It is the best time to heal with herbs.

"Herbalism was the grounding of flower power. Nature woke us up."

NOTE- Herbalism is the use of plants for medicinal purposes, for healing wounds, and also used for the various internal and external healing processes. It increases healing power.

'The healing comes from nature.'


Precaution:- When you use herbal supplements, follow all the instructions carefully, and use dosage as prescribed by your doctor. Watch for side effects, work with a professional, and also be alert for allergic reactions.

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