How Is Sedation Beneficial?

Yashasvi SaxenaSep 11 . 5 min read

Hello Fam!

New day, full of sunshine and liveliness! Today, I’m in a positive mood. So I’ve decided to talk about the positive sides of everything. Coming up first in my mind are Sedatives, the most defamed drug in our interactions until now.

No doubt sedation dependence is undesirable, but it has some serious utilities. Since its launch in 1869, it has upturned the medical industry in unimaginable ways.

So let us begin this sedative-praising conversation with a quick recap. 

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What Are Sedatives And Sedation?

A Sedative is a CNS depressant that makes the consumer calm by increasing GABA activity and causing the brain to slow down. They are often accompanied by a euphoric as well as a sleeping effect. 

Sedation is the process of using Sedatives to facilitate a medical procedure by reducing irritability or pain. Unconsciousness is often a consequence of sedation. It is used in surgeries like endoscopy, vasectomy, reconstructive surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, tooth removal, or for patients with high anxiety. Some common sedatives are ketamine, etomidate, midazolam, pentobarbital, etc. 

Uses Of Sedatives

Sedatives are used in a variety of fields. From surgeries to anxiety, from pain relief to bipolar treatment, sedatives find their utility everywhere. Lemme elaborate these for you in the form of a list (ahh, finally a list, after so long!) 

  • Reducing Tension

Sedatives attack the Central Nervous System and depress our brain activity that is running a sprint at the moment. Due to this mental deceleration, all the thoughts coming to your mind fade away in a snap. You take the pill, and swish- they’re gone. This is how sedatives help in reducing mental tension.

  • To Make The Subject Unconscious

One of the effects that come along with mental deceleration when taking a sedative is loss of consciousness. Not all, but most sedatives make the consumer unconscious for a certain period of time depending on how strong the drug is. This factor is often exploited in surgeries.

  • Pain Relief

By depression of the Central Nervous System or CNS, sedatives do not let us feel pain. This is because sedatives interact with our brain to increase GABA activity. The GABA produced interacts with the receptors and does not let pain stimulus be interpreted.

  • Treat Anxiety, Panic Attacks, And Depression

Again, be it anxiety, be it frequent panic attacks, or be it depression- all these mental conditions are a consequence of increased or hyperactivity of the brain. And reducing hyperactivity is something that Sedatives have a Ph.D. in! So, these drugs are used to treat most mental illnesses.

  • To Treat Insomnia

Another common problem where Sedatives are always used to rescue is Insomnia or any kind of sleep disorder. People with insomnia or aged people who have trouble sleeping are always prescribed to take a sleeping pill as and when needed. These sleeping pills or Z-pills are nothing but a Sedative. 

Sedatives- The Positive Side

Despite its adverse effects, we can not deny the fact that sedatives have helped the medical industry a lot. They have taken the surgical field up a notch and have encouraged as well as facilitated complex treatments to take place with ease, thus increasing the overall survival rate of the species. 

Not only for surgeries, but sedatives are also very useful in treating people with anxiety issues. Sedatives are used to treat people with the mental conditions of anxiety, serious cases of depressions, hallucinations, and bipolar disorder. 

Sedatives have also helped people with sleep disorders to mend their sleep cycles. These are also used by dentists for processes like Root Canal Treatment and Tooth Removal. Not to mention the fact that it relieves pain, due to which it is used for all the aforementioned medical agendas.

Misuse of anything is bad. Be it a Saw or a Sedative, if not used properly both can prove to be hazardous. This doesn’t mean that they are of no use! They have their own utilities that help us in numerous ways, in ways nothing else can help us.

Now, it is on us how we utilize them. It totally depends on us if we let that drug ruin us or pull us out of the gutters! Our life has always been in our hands to embellish or ruin. This makes us the creator or destroyer of everything, not the drugs. 

So, it is advised to always be cautious of your choices and habits. As when a habit turns into dependence, that is when it is named Addiction. And I don’t need to tell you that Addiction Is Bad.

So, Guys, I hope you’re well informed about Sedatives by now. See you soon, toodles!

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