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Yashasvi SaxenaDec 5 . 7 min read

Heya, healthy people!

The sun is out and the morning is fresh. This bright environment instills in me a sense of vitality. This makes me wonder, except for the sun and its warmth, what else instills life in us? 

I was in my garden, so I looked around. There was a budding gram seed that my nephew planted a few days back as his homework assignment that caught my eye. And I don’t know how my brain chemicals worked to give me this distant relation of a budding sprout and vitality.

I mean, see, what are sprouts? Those are packets of life about to bloom, isn’t it? And have you ever imagined what will happen if you’re allowed to ingest life? Little bombs of massive energy and positivity explode in your belly and release their divine nectar- this is how this ingestion feels! 

Isabell Shipard, one of our favorite herb authors, understands as well as celebrates this fact. In her book “How Can I Grow And Use Sprouts As Living Food”, she tells us about the benefits as well as how to use sprouts. I heard about the book from a friend. And after this mindful discovery, I was more than intrigued to read the book.

Today, I’m here to share my experience in reading and implementing the practices suggested in the book. Let us get started!

Disclaimer: Please consult a doctor or registered medical practitioner before attempting any of the cures suggested on

Contents Of The Book

The journey begins with a lovely and humorous note from the author. I fell the woman then and there. She said and I quote -

 “No matter how you came by this book...Perhaps it was given to you as a gift. or a friend loaned it to you, or it was your choice to borrow from the library or it jumped off the shelf into your hands in the bookshop... you just happened to be in the right place at the right time.”  

And she’s right. I feel so lucky to be at the right place at the right time. 

Next up she explains the perks of incorporating sprouts in your daily diet plan. She starts with its nutrient and antibody count. She also adds the other significant attributes such as their all-year-round growth and low calories for the ones on a counted diet. She also claims that “Sprouts are the preventive medicines.” I don’t doubt it, not even a bit. 

Next, she has summarised our body's nutrient needs. Well, here she hasn’t hesitated a bit in going all nerdy. She has started from level zero and gotten up to the point where she leaves you capable of monitoring your nutrient count. The cherry on the top is a small list that summarises the fiber content of a variety of sprouts and berries. 

She has divided this section into two major parts: Macronutrients and Micronutrients. Further, she has taken the time to explain each of the minerals & vitamins and their need in detail. She has explained how sprouts are a storehouse for enzymes and why is it called “The alkaline food that builds health.” 

After all the necessary science, she comes to the exact question that the book aims at answering: “How to prepare sprouts?” 

Here, she first explains what kinds of containers are ideal for growing sprouts. Next, she elaborates on how to take care of them inside the container while they’re sprouting. I won’t get into the specifications here. I need you guys to find it out yourselves ;)

Next is how long physically should you allow the sprouts to grow. Further, she talks about the life expectancy of these beauties. 

She has covered all the points that are necessary to air the soul of the little gardener sparking inside you. From preparing to taking care of the seeds, she has got you all and completely covered.

After prepping you with the gardening technicalities and care instructions, she has talked about a crucial thing. That is Natural Toxins. She says that although sprouts are the healthiest forms of greens we can consume, we need to stay a tad conscious. Here, she talks about a variety of anti-nutrients. She has named and explained the dangers due to various popular and talked about anti-nutrients. 

Finally, she comes to the SPROUTS. Here, she has divided multiple seeds that she had in mind in terms of families. Intelligent move, don’t you think? 

Each family is further divided into specific members. Each member is defined on the basis of three criteria: first is the about section, second is the medicinal uses, and the last one is the Culinary section. 

In the About Section, you get to know the seed scientifically and how to grow it. What benefits it has to offer and everything else is included in this section.

Going through the Medicinal Uses, I felt like I was going through my Grandma’s manual. It contains everything, literally everything that you need to know for the efficient use of any sprout.

Lastly, the Culinary Section. This is the section that tells you how to incorporate the sprout effortlessly into your everyday diet. She tells about how to cook and with what to cook the sprouts to squeeze every inch of flavor out of your sprouts. 

She has covered families like grains, pulses, and so on. There are also illustrative images that will make your sprouting journey easier!

This is altogether divided into 10 families and some additional sprouts that could not fit inside the already defined families. 

Lastly, she says and I quote I am not suggesting in this book to eat only sprouts, however, I know that sprouts can provide us with high-quality building blocks for better health. We need to include in our diet a wide variety of whole, living foods, and sprouts produce an excellent source.

The Final Verdict

Overall, going through this book has been a new experience for me. To be honest, this book can be more of a time to time guide for you instead of a one-time read. You can refer to it every time you need a homemade remedy, or try a new sprout or as you like it. 

That is all for today guys. Hope you like this new read. Toodles!

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