Easy Ways To Achieve Contact Less Delivery For Customers

Archi DubeyJul 24 . 4 min read

Hello Readers! You must know these facts about No Contact Delivery-

With India moving towards digital India and pandemic at our doors, coordination of these two will help us survive these phases.

When our government is motivating everyone to utilize digital platforms, so why we can't initiate this during this phase when this is one of the most crucial times. This will help us to make payments with no contact with the person directly, we can just scan the code without exchanging currency and having no hand-to-hand transactions.

There are so many options of payments bank available for us in the present day, we can choose them as per our convenience, and they provide safety norms too against any type of cybercrime. What procedure is just to place our order from the respective website and just make payment.

Procedure to take orders-

Tracking customer's orders and fulfilling their needs is the order management technique. And this technique involves picking, packing, and shipping the items and finally tracking them until they get delivered.

Tips to increase sales:

  • Bundle product
  • Upsell your product
  • Provide inside information
  • Also give gifts, rewards, etc to the customers
  • Provide free samples.

Different ways of receiving an order by a customer are also serviced for better sale performance like through cash on delivery, desk to desk courier and cargo, courier service, these ways are also available for receiving an order.

Least prone to virus

Also, for this pandemic situation, we have to take care of everything, while ordering you should cover it with multiple layers, avoid so much contact with different people, rather done with minimum human contact. Well, taking care of hygiene, security for the virus, mask on, sanitize properly and also follow all the instructions for the fight against the virus.

Moreover, the following points are considered while ordering-

  1. What material is ordered
  2. How to pack the items safely
  3. How much quantity is needed
  4. When to deliver
  5. Where to deliver with all precautions
  6. How payment will be done safely, etc.

Why necessary to initiate it?

It is necessary for having no physical transfer goods, it helps to survive these phases too so that each one can perform digitally for their works and orders.

No contact delivery is a very good option in this era of digital life and the social distancing world, it gives importance and value to networking sites and in this our hard-working partners and customers are safe.

1-No contact delivery- No contact deliveries to ensure the safety of the community. A no-contact delivery is a delivery where you do not directly connect or hand the food to the customers. Place the order in a safe place, asks for location, and communicate with your customer via your device. In simplest terms, it means delivering your product or goods to your customer, without physically exchanging the items with them.

2-Benefits- In this, customers and delivery personnel do not come in direct contact at a given time. And the payment process was completed online as well. And also, there is no risk of infection, customers can rest assured about any health risk at all. It establishes touchless payment. Market your contactless delivery services.

3-Procedure to be done- To agree on a safe, secure, and clean location, submit a photo if your app asks for it, wait at a comfortable distance for the customers, mark the order as delivered, and continue delivering. Their address and contact are also required so that if you are unable to find them, and once you are done, then you can call or text them. And also create a separate no-contact menu.

4-Delivery and pickup- For better and effective delivery and pick-up methods, we're making it much easier and safer for shops and orders. No contact delivery is "Service with a Smile" and keeps the public safe.

'A month of no-delivery fees for safe, no contact delivery.'

  • Create a separate no-contact delivery menu and take out services.
  • Train your chefs and partners on no-touch working procedures
  • Choose the best container for delivery
  • Allow touchless payment
  • Market your contactless delivery services.

That's it, you have completed a safe no contact delivery and to report any issues don't forget to use help on your app. 'Healthy youth means healthy delivered process and lifestyle.'

"There are no traffic jams along the extra mile."

Here's the video link that tells you the instruction of No contact delivery-

"We are keeping our deliveries clean, safe, and contactless for you."

CONCLUSION- Delivery providers always try their best to deliver right to your door, please be specific about the location, and instructions. For orders of alcohol or tobacco, someone of legal age must be present with a valid government ID to accept the delivery.

Stay safe and hygienic!

Happy Delivering Partner.

Let me know in the comment section about your delivery instructions.

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