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Heya lovely people!

When I say I missed you, I ain’t exaggerating a bit. Coz, I missed you guys like hell all this time. This pretty much describes why I’m here- to see you guys! But, we need to address an agenda to justify this meet & greet (for society and approval purposes, duh). 

So, today we’ll talk about Canada Buffaloberry or Russet buffaloberry. Are you familiar? If not, you’ll be in the next few minutes. 

Lemme hit you up with the perks I have to offer in case you keep scrolling. You’ll get to know about your favorite red & yellow berry fruit. Also, I’m gonna hit you up with some berry-licious facts! Sounds tempting? Come along!

Disclaimer: Please consult a doctor or registered medical practitioner before attempting any of the cures suggested on

About Fruit Bushes Canada

Shepherdia Canadensis or Buffaloberry is a perennial shrub belonging to the genus Shepherdia. It belongs to the family Elaeagnaceae and blossoms in early summers. It's habitat inclination is towards warm and shady conditions with a terrain that is dry and rocky and is generally found on rocky shores and forest edges. It can grow up to 4 meters in height and is found mainly in Canada and most of the parts of the United States. 

The berries are bright red and taste like sweetened coffee (if we’re necessarily asked to describe it). One of the Buffaloberries also bears yellow fruits.

Trivia Time!

Is Silver Buffaloberry the same as Canada Buffaloberry?

Though the names sound quite similar both these fellas are very different. Unlike Canada Buffaloberry, the Silver is known by the scientific name Shepherdia argentea. 

Both these guys belong to the same family, yet, are genetically different. To ease it a bit, you can consider them as cousins. 

These can be differentiated from each other because the silver ones are generally taller than the Buffaloberry tree (ranging from 2 to 6 meters). Their fruits are quite similar.

Indian Ice Cream

Buffaloberries can be tricky. Considering their bitterness, it is nearly impossible to gulp on these bad boys by themselves. So, people can out with a creamy way to consume these! 

The bitter berries, mixed with cranberries and other sweet fruits are beaten to form a dessert called hooshum. Buffalo berry bush is beaten over a tarpaulin to collect all the ripe fruits and carry out the further process.

Eat With Caution

This deciduous shrub contains Saponin. This chemical is known to give the foam or ‘excessive foam’ to the buffaloberry desserts. If eaten in bulk, it can cause gastrointestinal irritation. Another unrelated plant from the genus Sapindus, that produces Saponin in gigantic amounts, is known as Soapberry. 


Sounds weird, right? For the British Columbians, it isn’t!

Canada Buffaloberry is known by this name in British Columbia and is believed to originate from the Chinook Jargon. It splits into 2 words- ‘soop’ meaning ‘soap’ and ‘olallie’ meaning ‘berry’.     

Are Barberry Bush Thorns Poisonous?

First, let us see what are Barberries. These shrubs, normally planted as a hedge plant, consist of thorns instead of berries and flowers (no berries people, don’t get fooled by the name). It runs by the scientific name ‘Berberis vulgaris’. 

Now, are these pokey guys swinging by your hedge something to be scared of? Well, yes. You must be. Both the sharp thorns and the nectar they carry can be hazardous.

Silverberry Scaly Hair

Silverberry is a shrub belonging to the Elaeagnaceae family. Its leaves are covered with tiny silverish scales, giving the shrub its color, beauty, and attraction in various industries. Due to its beautiful structure, the scaly hairs of the Silverberry are widely prepared and observed in microscope slides.


Enough of the fun facts. Let us get back to our Buffaloberries.

Benefits & Uses

Now, let us hop on to the perks buffaloberry has to offer!

Soothe Your Eyes!

Do your eyes feel heavy after a long day of work in front of your screens? I’m sure the blue light has given you a hard time. Well, buffaloberries are always at your rescue! If you’re lucky enough to lay your hands upon buffaloberry tree bark, then think no longer to grab it. Now all you have to do is boil it in some water and use it as an eyewash. You’re all set!

Lowers Blood Pressure

In 2014, a new superfood emerged in the medical industry. Researchers claim that buffaloberry can be thought of as an all-in-one fruit. So, no wonder that it can also lower high blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of strokes.

Barrier Against Gastric Problems

Can’t take a shit? Or suspect carcinogenic invasion in your gut? Or any kind of stomach ailments including its neighbors. Buffaloberries can treat ‘em all!

Be it constipation, stomach cancer, gall stones, or even or even problems of the ovaries, you can rely on this buddy!

Acnes? Not A Problem!

Did your hormones hit you and just give you a mid-life crisis before an important event? Well, don't worry, coz these miracle berries got you covered! 

Not only acne but also for boils and cuts, you can turn towards these berries.

Smoker Lungs? Here’s the cure!

Buffaloberries are also proven to cure smokers’ lungs. It cures a wide variety of lung diseases. It also cures smokers’ coughs and prevents and treats bronchial disorders. 

Rich in Vitamin C 

Wanna take a Vit C supplement? Why should you? When you can add this naturally abundant source of Vit C to your diet. Hop on to some buffaloberries to get instant energy and glowing skin!

Industrial Uses

Buffaloberries are used to make shampoos. It is also used to make food dies.

Commercial Uses

You can find buffaloberry sweets, candies, and desserts in the market. Buffaloberries are mainly consumed after sweetening them to make their sourness null.

Extended Benefits

In addition to all these aforementioned perks, buffaloberry still has a lot in its bag! Ranging from tuberculosis to arthritis, cancer, and gynecological ailments, buffaloberries have a cure for them all!

Indeed, Buffaloberries are no less than a miracle. And so are you guys! Just like buffaloberries, you guys are my superpower, helping me move through all the difficulties with your lovely and empowering reader’s support! I’ll be back soon to meet y’all. Toodles!

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