Best Tips To Plant And Care For Chandra Mallika Flower Or Chrysanthemum

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Let's know something very interesting about flower plants and their benefits in this article and many more interesting facts which help you to learn more about Chandra Mallika flowers.

Overview of Chrysanthemum Flower

It has a fibrous root system and this perennial plant grows up to 50 to 150 cm tall, with deep leaves and with large flower heads with white, yellow, pink, red, orange color. It requires good long days for vegetative. Likewise, it is a genus of 40 species of flowering plants. It is a flowering plant of different colors that helps to decorative and gives beauty to your house, and also it is used for medicinal purposes like to treat fever, cold, cough, headaches, diabetes, and many more. Chrysanthemum has various other names also like Chandra Mallika flower which is first used in China, for medicinal as well as for decorative purposes also. For China, it is not only a flower, it is a herb that treats various problems and issues related to your health and body and gives the best result of using this.

Amazing benefits

  • It is best to use it for chest pain
  • Helps to treat high blood pressure, fever, diabetes, headache, cold, etc.
  • It is used to treat prostate cancer and gives relief from various issues
  • Its flower used for making medicines that's why in Greek it is known by gold flower, it has many positive effects
  • It helps to treat various health issues and gives a healthy lifestyle and amazing uses so that people can use it medically or in tea supplements also
  • Its flower is cooling in nature, you can take it two times a week and try to avoid it in large quantities or don't take its high dosage

Substitute- Substitute of Chandra Mallika flowers are:

  • Daisy
  • Chrysanthemum morifolium
  • Mums
  • Perennial
  • Red
  • Flowering plant
  • Chandra Mallika
  • Yellow chrysanthemum
  • Chrysanthemum indicum

Its flowering plant is used for species and herbs, and also it is used for fragrant and making perfumes. It is also used for decoration for any occasion, wedding, rituals, spiritual purposes, etc. It is grown in a greenhouse for the business of selling it for various purposes. Its leaves are also helpful in different conditions, for decoration, and species.

How to grow

Growing chrysanthemum from seeds sometimes called mums, chrysanths are flowering plants of the genus. Its flowers come in a variety of colors and really beautiful too late. When you grow chrysanthemum from its seeds they will bloom the first year after planting but may not carry all traits of the parent plant. Growing Chrysanthemum flower from seeds is really easy. It is best to start them one month before winters, but you can grow them any time of the year, and they do best in spring. Take some good quality seeds from a reliable source and check the date of its packaging and use before the expiry date.

You need any well-draining soil like the universal potting mix, which is nutritious to the plants. You can take a single wide container or seed germination trays and fill the seed starter mix into the trays columns, then take some seeds and sprinkle into the columns and 1-2 seeds each column and then cover with some potting mix, and finally spray water and keep it moist, keep it on the window side, but away from direct sunlight, and you can see the result in about 8-10 days.

Chrysanthemum care

  • It is an attention seeker plant that attracts with its beautiful flowers and gives positive look to your gardens and terraces.
  • Keep watering it, when it's not raining, because its soil needs to be moist
  • For the production of new flowers, you have to remove the witted flower
  • And if you are using pot, then try to water it properly, its soil needs to be moist to grow properly
  • Don't keep it in direct sunlight, it can damage your plants, and keep it in some warm place which helps to harvest
  • And also, not to wet the leaves, try to keep water in the soil only
  • This plant is famous for its pink, red, orange, yellow, and white flowers, these flowers keep blooming in gardens, and terraces and are also helpful for decorating for various occasions and functions
  • You can also dig up and store it also for overcoming winter chrysanthemum
  • Chandra Mallika flowers need only 5-6 hours of sunlight on daily basis for better blooming, better planting, and better growth
  • Keep it indirect from the sunlight helps it to bloom more and beautifully, its natural process can give beautiful responses.

What is the Chrysanthemum flowering season in India?

You can plant in every season but most of the advised months and time for chrysanthemum flowering season in India are from January to March and in July and August, mainly many has grown it in summer, rainy season, winter, and mainly in spring. According to the experts, the perfect time for Chrysanthemum flowering season in India is the rainy season and then mainly in winter's chill season during last November and starting of December. Experts and cultivators recommended these seasons are the better seasons to plant and grow chrysanthemum and care more in these seasons for a better blooming process and better planting. Keep them in a light warm place for having big and beautiful flowers, and in winters also try to 5-6 hours of sunlight or warmness to your plant pot.

Interesting fact and best side

  • It was first grown in China, and these are edible
  • Chandra Mallika scientific name is Chrysanthemum
  • Chrysanthemums have various meanings
  • These plants and flowers have thousands of varieties, shapes, and sizes
  • The chemicals which come from the plant are used in insecticides
  • They first appeared 140 million years ago
  • It has the prettiest flower which blooms early in winters
  • It symbolizes happiness, joy, love, and colorful life
  • It was first introduced in the 17th century
  • This can be used for decorating theme parks and decorating images from their beautiful flowers.

"Chrysanthemum flowers can give you a colorful happy life with its colorful flowers."

This video link help you to grow Chrysanthemum in the pot-

Note- Chandra Mallika Flower is used as a culinary herb, and it has colorful flowers, it was first cultivated in China and also its flowers and leaves are used for teas. It is used for fragrances, perfumes, and many more activities.


Precaution- Its flower's head can cause harmful effects to human-like toxicity, vomiting, rashes, skin allergies, nausea, lack of coordination, and many more, these effects tell us that we have to use it by precaution and should stepping forward by taking instructions and advice. Stay on the safe side and use instructions and precautions related to this.

So, what do you know about the Chandra Mallika flower?

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