Benefits Of Myrrh For The People

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Benefits Of Myrrh For The People

“The Art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while Nature cures the disease.” Voltaire

It is a myth that chemical-based medicines are the only healers in modern times.

There resides a very old and vast history of ancient medicines and herbs all over the world. Every country inherits the knowledge of these ancient herbs from their ancestors. These were used for the treatment of sick people and still play a vital role in modern medicinal practices.


An ancient herb that is still used in almost every pharmaceutical company, for its extreme benefits is Myrrh. 

Myrrh is a Reddish Brown resin used for stomach-related problems, bacteria infection, intestinal infections, and cosmetics. In Ancient times Myrrh was mostly used for its fragrances and medicinal uses. Myrrh is also used in food for flavors. It is a substance that is extracted from the bark of a series of thorny trees. These trees are a hierarchy of GENUS COMMIPHORA. 

Myrrh was originated from Northeastern Africa, Southwest Asia, and the Arabian Peninsula. The trees which are used for the extraction of Myrrh are found near the shallow, rocky areas of Africa and Asia.

Myrrh is used for medication around the world because it is very beneficial for people. It is used for diseases as well as cosmetics. Let's discuss some of those benefits.

 Benefits Of Myrrh:

  • Fragrance       

Ancient Egyptians and Asians used Myrrh because of its pleasant fragrance. Myrrh was also used as incense, old people used to burn this sap-like substance to produce a fragrant smell. Fun Fact -The kings and queens used myrrh for their bathing.

  • Digestion

This herb is widely used for indigestion and stomach problems around the world. Every 2 out of 4 people suffer from stomach problems and gastric issues. Myrrh is very helpful for these people who suffer from indigestion. Myrrh is also used as a cure for intestine diseases.

  • Antioxidants

Myrrh is a strong antioxidant when it comes to some health-related issues like liver disease and skin cosmetics. Myrrh can help in lever to fight oxidative damage and protects the skin from these kinds of damages.

  • Boost up the immune system

The white blood cells present in our body are responsible for our Immune system and myrrh helps in developing these cells which fight against the diseases.

  • Cosmetics

Myrrh essential oils are widely used in cosmetics like sunscreens, body lotion, and facial oils to prevent them from skin rashes, sunburn, wounds, and redness.

  • Skin health

Skin health is very important for a person and Myrrh helps in the healing of skin wounds. Myrrh oil is used to kill microbes to fasten the healing process.

Myrrh also kills skin fungi which are responsible for the skin ringworms and pimples on the skin.

  • Prevents cancer

A study on Ancient medicines proved that using Myrrh can kill or slows the process of cancer cells in the body of cancer patients.

  • Reduces pain and swelling

Usage of Myrrh can reduce the pain and swelling of different body parts. Myrrh helps in the relief of pain like Headache, Joint pain, Back pain, and Arthritis. Applying the myrrh essential oil directly on the pained part of the body helps in the relief from pain.

  • Kills bacteria

Myrrh directly kills harmful bacterias which cause gastric problems and intestinal harms to a person. Myrrh helps kill Microbes that cause massive illness to a person. Ancient Egyptians used Myrrh for the mummies to slow down the decaying process.

How To Use :

  1. Inhale 

Myrrh can be directly consumed by inhaling. Patients inhale the myrrh powder or myrrh essential oil for the recovery of the disease and personal interest. Few drops of myrrh on paper or tissue are used for inhaling myrrh.

  1. Mixing with other medicines

Most people mix the essential oil and myrrh powder with their prescribed medicines to improve or fasten the recovery of patients.

Usage Of Myrrh:

Myrrh is widely used for the treatment of different kinds of diseases. Some of them are:

  1. Congestion
  2. Haemorrhoids
  3. Mouth Odor
  4. Asthma
  5. Cough
  6. Digestion of food
  7. Skin problems
  8. Arthritis


The consumption of Myrrh is solely dependent on the consumer's health factors like

  1. Age
  2. Sex
  3. Allergies
  4. Another organ diseases

The consumer should consume an appropriate amount of this medicine as it can also create side effects for certain people. The new consumption of dosages should be prescribed by the physicians.

Side Effects:

Myrrh causes some side effects on people.

If the dosage is not consumed properly it creates several other reactions like fever and skin rashes. 

People Who Should Avoid Myrrh:

  • Pregnant women

The usage of myrrh is strictly not prescribed for pregnant women as it causes miscarriage and discomfort in the uterus of the pregnant woman. Breastfeeding mothers should also avoid the usage of Myrrh.

  • Patients with diabetes

A large Dosage of Myrrh lowers the sugar level it is very harmful to diabetes patients. Sugar level should be monitored if one is consuming myrrh having diabetes otherwise this may create ruckus in the future.

  • Patients who are operated

As discussed before, Myrrh decreases the sugar level. It may cause a problem for the patients who are operated on or are going to be operated on in mere time.

  • People with cardiac diseases

People having heart diseases are the most fragile people regarding health issues. Extra usage of Myrrh can affect the heart rate of the patients and blood pressure as well which is not healthy for patients.

  • People with fever

Usage of Myrrh increased fever to a very higher level where it can cause many more diseases at the same time for the patients. People having fever should avoid the usage of Myrrh.

  •  Uterine bleeding

Some of the women use Myrrh to start their Menstrual Cycles earlier for their preferences. Usage of Myrrh stimulates bleeding in the uterus of women which creates the conditions of the patient worst.

Myrrh is a very beneficial herb and oil that cures many diseases. People should use myrrh rather than chemical-based medicines in place of herbs like myrrh. Organic medicines are no threat to one's body but chemicals are. So choose wisely.

  • How did myrrh support you during your treatment?

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