Apple Mint Facts And Information - Health Benefits And Side Effects

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Hey Readers, this article may help you to something more and interesting facts about apple mints and their uses and side effects-

Apple mint has fuzzy leaves to have a rich mint with fruity tones. It is the easiest herb to grow. It gives freshness and energy to your mind, which helps you to do all your best. Here is the following information which shows the realistic information related to the topic.

Here's how to grow chart will help you for gardening apple mint-

Type- Perennial zones 5 to 9

Planting time- After the last frost in springs (within 2 to 3 weeks before frost in cold zones)

Features- Fuzzy leaves with sweet minty flavor

Height- 12 to 24 inches

Light- Full sun to part shade

Soil- Fertile, moist

Plant size- 1 to 2 feet tall and wide

Garden use- Herbs gardens, besides water gardens in low, wet spots or containers

Uses- To use leaves fresh, dried, or frozen in water

Apple mint/ Scientific name-

Mentha suaveolens is the scientific name of Apple mint. All the types of mint is a member of the mint family Lamiaceae. Mint leaves are also known as Menta in Spanish.


It grows in almost every garden throughout the world, but earlier it was used as pests in castles, monasteries, etc.

Mint identification guide-

The bright green leaves of apple mint are rounded in shape with toothed edges. Its nickname is wooly mint, and its leaves and stems both are covered in fine hairs. Well, it has less mint flavor in comparison to other culinary mint varieties.

Information and facts-

  1. In late summer, it begins with light pink or white flavors
  2. It grows best in spring
  3. Mint grows in moist, rich soil
  4. Optically, plant mint in a sunny location and receives about five hours of sun per day
  5. Garden mint to water once every 1-2 days in summer, and their schedule is to water 1-2 times a day.
  6. It grows best in partial shade, in hot weather climates. Mint prefers temperatures between 55 and 70*F (13- 21*C).

Culinary uses and benefits of apple mint-

  • Its essence is used in salads, foods, dishes.
  • Herbal tea is made from leaves.
  • It is used for preparing jams, jellies, sauces, and desserts.
  • It is used for making candies, mint chocolates, juices and added to cottage cheese.
  • Likewise, it has antiseptic properties and a beneficial effect on digestion.
  • It is used in the treatment of fevers, headaches, digestive disorders, etc.
  • It is considered for refreshing the brain.
  • Their leaves have anti-cancer treatment properties.
  • Dry powdered is used for whitening the teeth.
  • Some cosmetics from apple mint-like apple mint fresh cleansing foam, etc.

It is known for its sweet-smelling aroma and cooling flavor, it is a perennial herb plant that grows tall and is sometimes called woolly mint, this herb grows taut to the height of 40-100centimeters and spread as broad foliage in early times the Greeks used apple mint to clean their banqueting tables and also added it to their baths to rejuvenate their bodies, and it is used for preparing many things for eating as well as for cosmetics. It is also used for topping in desserts, for drying, it improves brain function and gives relief from breastfeeding pain, bad breath, symptoms of fevers, etc.

The mint leaves contain various benefits like vitamin A, and C, and many more good signs and energy to our body. It is used for making tea, which is consumed to promote digestion problems and stomach pain and also gives positive vibes to the mind.

It is the best option which helps to fight against headaches and stomach problems and make your day more interesting and energetic. Which helps to do and give your best with a healthy and refreshing mind.

Mints help to research using the essential oil of apple mint show promise for treating vaginal candidiasis mint contains several vitamins and minerals which are vital to maintaining good health and brings good in your body.

Side effects- Apple mint is harmful to those who are allergic or have asthma. It can lead to several stomach disturbances, cramps, slow heart rate, etc. And most importantly, pregnant women should not consume apple mint, it can cause abortion. It is highly toxic when it is taken in large doses. It brings many side effects in our daily lifestyle like vomiting, heartburn, nausea, etc. So avoid taking large doses of mints.

'Go natural and grow healthy.'

CONCLUSION- Like many herbs, mint can adversely affect some people. Taking numerous doses can be toxic. It affects heartburn, dry mouth, vomiting. The best way to check it is by seeing how it smells.

Have you guys ever tried this and what things you have noticed?


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