All About Versatile Drugs

Geetika AnandAug 3 . 2 min read

When we talk about medicines we just want that none of our closed ones should get ill. We give some medicines which are exactly not prescribed by our physician for the particular illness but still work well. Versatile drugs are medicines that are meant to treat some other health issues but are also beneficial for another health issue. But these medicines are not initially approved for treating issues other than those approved. That is why it is rightly called a versatile drug because of its versatile nature. Just like we can use coca-cola to clean washbasins and toilet bowls and also be used as a soft drink. 

For example, Cold medicines are also used to treat minor allergies. 

Remdesivir, an Ebola drug is now being used to treat Covid-19 patients. 

Some Examples Of Versatile Drugs

Zantac, which is used to treat ulcers in the stomach, is also used to treat allergic reactions. Zantac is an example of a versatile drug. 

Also, aspirin which is used for treating inflammation can be used as a versatile drug as it also prevents blood clots. So doctors prescribe aspirin not only for inflammation but also for the prevention of heart attack. 

There have been various studies on Metformin, a medicine to treat Type 2 diabetes also has anti-tumor characteristics and may be helpful in the treatment of cancer. 

Drugs Used To Treat Cancer

Some opioids are used to reduce cancer pain. These are basically endorphins that are made by the body to have control over the pain due to cancer. Some drugs help the body grow cells and provide nourishment to the body. The common medicine for cancer patients are:

  1. Tramadol
  2. Oxycodone
  3. Hydrocodone
  4. Cytarabine (breast cancer, leukemia, intestine cancer, etc.) 
  5. Teniposide
  6. Prednisone

Please do not take any drug or medicine without visiting your doctor. Every medicine has its side effect and works differently for every patient. So, do not take any medicine on your own. 

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